Working as an Introvert: Social Success in the First 90 Days

As an introvert, have you ever started a new job and loved it, only to question a couple of weeks in if this was the job for you due to the social climate around the office?  I’ve been there too -- before I started working remotely full-time, I landed an admin...

Begin Within Win at Military & Veteran Choice Awards

Jaime Chapman, Founder, and CEO of Begin Within For immediate release:September 12, 2019 Press Contact: (855) 855-8511 Ext. 1 Washington, DC - In May 2019, Begin Within was nominated for Best Military Spouse Owned Business for the 2019...

Why Your Soft Skills Matter More than Hard Skills

Many attributes and soft skills are attractive to Human Resources (HR) managers. To help HR find you, it’s common knowledge to list your skills on your resume and in your cover letter. In this article, we're going to cover: What kinds of skills are best for me to...

Got Your Ikigai?

Ikigai. First things first, Ikigai is not anime. It’s not exactly a superpower, but in a way, it can be.  Ikigai, pronounced “ee-kee-gah-ee” is a Japanese term referring to a concept that means “reason for being,” or “reason for waking up in the morning.” ...

Establishing Consistency is More Important than Perfection

Coming from a military background, a zero-defect mentality is simply part of the territory. The expectation of perfection does not tend to render humans into the embodiment of machine-like perfection. Despite this, the expectation must still exist, as lives are...


Connie Crisler is an Omnist and a Moderate. She’s an iced-coffee addict, appreciates the beauty in all elements of nature and has a critical fashion eye. Connie enjoys spending time playing Design Home. She’s on a never-ending plight to discover her purpose and get to know her genuine, authentic and best-balanced self. She is a project management professional who was born in California, raised in Japan, Germany & Australia. Married an Army guy and has a middle-schooler, a millennial and Gen-Alpha granddaughter. A cause near and dear to her heart is changing the lives of young people by bringing Transcendental Meditation to public schools through her non-profit, All Things Celestial, Corporation. Currently, she lives with her family in Augusta, Georgia and is preparing to move to Europe to live out her dream of traveling around the world.

Jaime Chapman is the Founder & CEO of Begin Within, and a Career Advocate for over 10,000 military spouses.

Jessica Sullivan is a Career Counselor and Resume Writer for Begin Within. Retired from the Air Force after 23 years, she’s also a proud veteran spouse and mom to 4 furbabies. An animal rights advocate, you can usually find her reading about current events, mobile technology, and cars on her iPad. She also loves to crochet and bake for her friends, walk her dog, grow veggies for her bunny, catch up with friends on social media, listen to her favorite bands on SiriusXM, and nap.

Lincoln Crisler is a career Army noncommissioned officer, genre fiction writer, and podcaster. A former US Army Drill Sergeant, Lincoln is experienced in providing people with purpose, direction, and motivation -- whether they know they need it or not! In his spare time, he enjoys working out and collecting comic books. He is married with three children, currently lives in the American Southeast, and is preparing for an upcoming move to Europe.

Tara Glenn is the Communications Director and Editor-in-Chief for Begin Within, a military veteran, and spouse currently living in Florida. She is a mum to five children and spends her free time being an underpaid chauffeur and managing their family Instagram, @thebosiersareblended. Causes near and dear to Tara's heart: military advocacy, human trafficking, and the foster-care system.

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