2020 Career on the Move Guide Military Edition

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diy resume

 The DIY resume process — creating tricky documents for applicants to write with outdated rumors about style and page length that clash with modern-day technology. If you’ve been spending hours scouring LinkedIn, Monster, Glassdoor and Indeed searching for jobs and submitting hundreds of applications with no response…

You’re totally wasting your time. 

Writing ONE resume is the wrong call.

 I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard people say, “My resume.” As in, one singular document. For many candidates, it’s the same process over and over again: you spend hours and hours tweaking to get it “perfect” only to get rejected on nearly every application you submit. In today’s online application climate, customizing your resume to match EVERY individual job announcement is the only way to “get through the system” and get to a human being unless you have a warm lead into the company. 

 Professional resume writers want you to win.

Literally, our job is to get you a job. Professional resume writers are trained to be objective and can look at your current resume, your experience, and give you the skinny if a job application is a good investment of your time. Resume writers have the experience to succinctly summarize and brag about your career in 2-3 pages for a private sector resume – or stretch it across 7 for a federal resume. (A federal resume can be up to ten pages! 

 Resume writers know how to handle career issues you may not know how to address such as:

  • Gaps in employment
  • Irrelevant work history
  • Changes in career focus
  • Challenging career/resume objectives 

 My team is comprised of immensely talented professional resume writers and we work with you to craft the resume you want.

 We write both private sector AND federal resumes. If you are applying for federal jobs via USAJOBS, you may want to check out this book + video. Our team specializes in helping people just like you get through the system so you can interview. We believe that you are unique and your resume should be too. 

You could be leaving money on the table with a bad resume.

 It seems bananas to me to think that so many job seekers NEVER ask for resume help and blindly submit resumes online without considering the consequences. If you are already employed and you’re looking for a position to get a 10% raise, you could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table by submitting a bad resume.

Example: Let’s pretend you make the average salary of about $50,000. So, you add your newest job to the old resume you used to get this job and hit up Indeed. You could be leaving at least FIVE grand on the table by submitting a bad resume.

 Your TIME is money.

 The hourly version of $50,000 per year is about $25/Hour. Consider how many hours per week you are spending on LinkedIn looking for the perfect job and then submitting a resume that isn’t optimized to land the perfect job.

 If you spend 1 hour per day job searching, that’s $175 per week. There are MANY resume writing services that cost well below that amount. How many hours did you take writing your non-optimized resume? My bet is 3, 4, maybe even 5 hours… that’s the equivalent of at least $75 to $125 on the resume alone without factoring in the time you spent searching and applying for jobs.

 Saying this louder for those in the back:

 All the time you spend looking for another job is time spent away from your family. Quality time with your family is priceless and you can’t get it back.

 The ROI on your resume.

Your resume is unique in that it directly translates into a new job, meaning it equates to making money. Spending a few hundred dollars on a professional resume is a good investment if you find a reputable writer (hint, we’re great). Once you have a solid resume and understand the job searching process, you should be able to independently apply for jobs without seeking loads of professional help. (That’s right – our goal is to teach how to do your DIY resume the right way!)

 The competition for jobs is fierce and having a good resume is integral in getting the job. The difference between a professional and DIY resume could make or break your chances of getting through to the interview, and more importantly, getting a job offer. Consider your seniority level and the percentage of the money you risk if outcompeted by your peers for a high-stakes job. Your resume could literally earn you tens of thousands of dollars or more. Your resume could promote you from being a “Manager” to a “Director.” Your resume could get you into the C-Suite or the position you’ve always dreamed of.

 I am here to help YOU.

I want you to jump from making $70K to making six figures. I want to set you apart from your peers so you get the big promotion. I want you to succeed. I know what’s at stake and how much time you’ve been wasting. Stop beating your head up against the wall and let me help you. 

How much are you risking with your DIY resume?



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