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Self limitation

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Self-Limitation: something, either physical or mental, that you create and that limits you.

It is impossible to help people who are unwilling to receive help— these people want life change but are unwilling to do it themselves. As a life coach, I value my reputation and refuse to waste time on people who want their lives to be different but will not do anything differently. These are the very people who expect others to work miracles on their behalf and do not exert any effort whatsoever into personal growth.

An example of this is a romantic relationship in which one partner bends over backwards to accommodate the unceasing demands of the other. The demanding partner is never satisfied with the relationship, but does not acknowledge their part in mending it. The unhappier the demanding partner gets, the more they expect the other partner to ‘change’ for their satisfaction. Sound familiar?

Here is a news flash, personal growth and growth in relationships take hard work.
The human mind is one of nature’s greatest atrocities as well as the greatest gift. It can destroy or create. It makes us limited or limitless. The mindset held by a person determines the boundaries of how far life can go.

The Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium theory is about evolution. It lists seven conditions that must simultaneously occur in order to prevent evolution from occurring and for a populous to remain the same across generations. In other words, small incremental changes are always happening, those changes can be negative or positive. There are only two directions to go in, forward or backwards. There is no such thing as Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium in the real world.

This is a demonstration of how a person who is content with the status quo and is not working toward positive incremental changes is actually backsliding. You may think that your life is great and that there is nothing to work on—the reality of the situation is that the longer you stop progressing forward, small changes are happening daily. You are aging, losing energy, the dollar fluctuates in value, your romantic partner drifts away slowly, your kids grow up, your car gets old and your home depreciates in value. Every variable in your life changes for the worst, unless YOU change it for the better.

You are never getting younger, but you are never too old to keep improving your life. You can become smarter, but not if you don’t read books. You can make more money, but not if you don’t work hard for it. You can have better sex, but not if you don’t exert any effort into improving your sex life. You can lose weight, but not if you don’t change your eating and exercising habits. You can accomplish your dreams, but not if you don’t dream them.

You are your own worst enemy. Your mind can stop you dead in your tracks. But, you can be your own hero. Your mind can throttle your life. You have to change the way that you think. Nobody else can do that for you. You must notice your self-limiting thoughts, and aggressively battle them. I am a career coach, but I have accountability partners to notice any blind spots and catch self-limiting thoughts and behaviors. Everyone benefits from having a person in their life to hold them accountable for their thoughts. Whether a coach, spouse, best friend or colleague— find someone to hold you accountable for limiting yourself. No more excuses, improve your life, the change begins with you and your mindset.

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